Deal Structure

Mangalis Hotel Group: easy to make business with!

Mangalis offers several collaboration structures to hotel owners:

Management Agreements

We take charge of the operations of the hotel and our goal is to become the African leader in hotel management. We rely on our team’s experience and our corporate business model to demonstrate what we are capable of achieving in terms of efficient operations and high return of investment.

Our Sales & Marketing department is active in promoting your hotel in the different distribution channels through our programs:

● Centralized Corporate Marketing – Brand Trust
● On-line Strategy – e-Commerce Box
● Global & Regional Sales - Corporate & MICE Expertise
● Revenue Management – Mangalis  training & support program
● Loyalty Program – Avantgarde by Mangalis® integrated with main Airlines, retail and other hotels chains

At Mangalis we have a strong focus at minimizing operational costs and your hotel will benefit of economies of scales and corporate agreements with global partners.

Mangalis is compromised with the best service in each hotel by offering training inspired by international standards and adapted to local cultural needs.

Franchise Agreements

Our proposition is focused in offering visibility and brand recognition to the hotels of our potential partners.

The benefits include an intensive training in brand standards and guidelines, 24/7 support platform for you to contact us, a customized sales and marketing strategy for global distribution and our Avantgarde® by Mangalis loyalty program to drive repetitive customers. Personalized support is also available to fine tune the hotel’s performance and optimize reservations.

The franchisee will benefit for being part of a network of hotels and from our efforts in the permanent optimization and improvement of the quality standards.

Leasing and Equity Contribution

We are open to analyse the opportunity to lease your property offering a more simplistic approach for a win win collaboration.

For a regional or country master franchise agreement, we could consider participating in your investment with some equity contribution subject to a positive assessment of the Project.

Plug & Play Solution

When, Mangalis can get involved in the project prior to the start of the hotel operation.

Our technical team will take charge of the entire development process starting from the selection and briefing of the consultants (architects, designers, engineers) up to the handover of the hotel.

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