Yaas Hotels

Yaas Hotels

Smart & optimistic economy hospitality.

Yaas Hotels

Yaas believes that the time has come for a revolution in the economy hotel experience. Creativity is harnessed to prove that while travelling on a budget it is possible to enjoy a combination of trendy design, relax, connectivity and energy lifting sensations.

Yaas is tailored for those young at spirit adventurers, looking for a varied life, enterprising, curious, living indoor and outdoor the essence of a destination. For the flash packers generation of the ‘business warriors’ or the leisure ‘city hunters’ who value the functional hip instead of fancy for fancy sake. For the young or the senior, for the singles, the couples, the friends or the families, for those who have the get-up-and go energy to discover the world, seeking the discovery experience more than assistance, Yaas is the choice.

A novel economy hotel, always conveniently located near airports, train or bus stations and the new downtown. Yaas was created for the new budget conscious travelers, adapted to their way of travelling for a short leisure getaway, a quick business trip or a sport team event. Top design for its segment, Yaas hotels features open living spaces in an innovative and cheerful design supported by vibrant colors and warm materials.

Born in today’s Africa, Yaas is made by the visionary minds of a new breed of entrepreneurs, who are proudly questioning the status-quo and creatively re-inventing the hospitality.

Revolutionary hotels. Yaas is brilliantly designed to be inspiring, intuitive, playful, colorful, easy and democratic.

• Relax: convenience and joy of sharing in a hassle-free environment with a highly -flavored perception of designed style
• Energy: generous and welcoming hints of color and savors as sources of fuel for life
• Connected to the world: innovative and flexible use of the most advanced technology altogether with real life social networking spaces

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